Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Netflix, Quora, and Spotify are only some examples of web applications.

But what exactly are web applications?

Ahead we will have a quick look at web apps and see a few examples, so you can identify the right type for your business. Knowing the right type will help you identify the expertise you need to get started with web app development.

What is Web Application Development?

Web apps are all about taking input from the user and presenting a version of the application based on the input.

These apps run on a remote server which can be accessed, from anywhere in the world, with just a web browser.

Since the web app needs to modify itself according to the user, you should pay special attention to the UI (user interface) – after all, this is what will allow the developers on the backend to receive relevant data from the users on the front end.

How You Can Use Web Apps For Your Business?

Web apps are widely used in all kinds of businesses. How? Here are some examples that will help you niche down while developing a personalized application for your business.

  1. Analytics Dashboard – businesses need data in order to understand their marketing goals; however, raw data alone is not enough. You need to understand them, which an intuitive dashboard helps you accomplish.
  2. CRM App – a customer relationship management (CRM) web app helps store relevant information about customers, which helps employees understand their customers better.
  3. Onboarding And Training – this app helps streamline onboarding processes for new hires in a company and gets them job ready, in the company’s environment, as soon as possible.
  4. Finance And Budgeting App – financial records are crucial to run not only in the business world but also in daily life. With these web apps, financial resources can be determined so daily, weekly, and yearly revenues and expenditures can be accurately recorded as well as predicted.
  5. Workflow Management App – it can get difficult to track multiple tasks in a project, especially when several employees are collaborating by completing individually assigned multiple tasks. These apps route tasks in a predefined path, indicating deadlines as well as priorities.

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What Are The Skills You Need To Get Started On Web App Development?

Web app development is a complex task that requires years of practice to master. Furthermore, this job requires several developers to work together. Here are the types of skills involved in web app development:

  • Front-end development – this is the part that the end consumers interact with. You will need coders as well as expert planners who can design the user interface (UI), no matter how complex.
  • Backend development – the backend handles data and logic and involves server-side programming languages as well as database management.
  • Ajax – Ajax makes websites more responsive which allows webpages to interact with the backend without having to rebuild entire pages on each query.
  • Version control – coding is difficult, a malicious or incorrect code can ruin hours of work. Version control tracks changes and lets developers revert code back to stable versions.

The above-mentioned terms are only the categories of a plethora of coding languages that make up each category. You will also find a no-code strategy for building your web apps that require little to no knowledge of coding languages. But should you use this strategy?

Final Thoughts

Web app development sounds like a complicated task but it is like a cash cow that you can milk for a lifetime (or lifetimes – plural).

And the best part is, with the right outsourcing partner, you never have to worry about a single thing. From planning to development and to finally successfully deploying your web application.

You won’t have to worry about a post-development strategy either as they can handle it all for you. Click here to read more on how to choose the right outsourcing partner.


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