If you have been sending email promotions to people that are subscribed to your list, you have likely had a reasonable amount of success. However, you may want to consider sending your promotional offers to people directly, using the regular mail instead. There is some apprehension with those that do email marketing because of the cost.

For example, when you send a broadcast to your list, you are not being charged for every email that you send. Conversely, when you do a direct mail marketing campaign, it’s going to cost you money every time that you send out one of these letters, flyers, or postcards.

Can Sending Regular Mail Promotions Be Successful?

Similar to email marketing, sending regular mail promotions is still a viable way to generate sales. The key to making this successful is twofold.

First of all, you must target the right audience.

Second, the marketing material that you sent needs to be compelling.

If you are marketing physical products, you must have images of what you are selling plus a compelling offer. There should also be a time limit where they must act quickly in order to take advantage of the discount. New review data from Zimplit reveals that sending out Purple mattress coupon codes through mail or email is a great way to get extra sales. This doesn’t have to be a mattress, it could be anything; furntiure or any other product.

You can also use scarcity as a way of motivating them to purchase what you are selling. Of great importance is the listed company that you use. They must have a current list of actual buyers that have made similar purchases before. As long as the addresses are accurate, and their information on each person is correct, your marketing campaign will likely be successful.

Mistakes That People Often Make With Regular Mail Marketing

Some of the mistakes that many people make when doing direct marketing campaigns with mail is that their offer is simply not compelling enough. First of all, you must get people to open up the mail that you are sending. This means that even your envelope needs to be compelling enough to pique their interest. Once inside, the marketing message that you use should promote an item that they have likely looked at recently, or is similar to something they have purchased before.

Without having this information, you would literally be blindly sending out mail to random individuals, most of which will not be interested at all in what you have to offer.

By creating a compelling offer, and by using a list generation company that gathers the right information, you can be successful almost every time that you send out a direct mail campaign.

It is recommended that you test this with email marketing first to see what your reception is. If there is great interest from those that are subscribed to your list, or the emails you get from a list generation company, you should roll out with a larger campaign and send out your direct mail marketing materials. This could become one of your primary sources for revenue on demand once you have mastered the marketing technique of direct mail promotions.

As long as you are making substantially more from your sales than you are with the marketing campaign itself, you will see how powerful direct mail marketing actually is.


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