Something happened and you were injured at work. It could have been anything. Maybe it was the accident you caused, or maybe someone else. Maybe it wasn’t anyone’s fault and it could happen to anyone. Can I get fired for getting hurt at work?

Regardless of how it happened, you now have to deal with the consequences. In different cases it can mean different things. Depending on the severity of the injury, this can lead to days, weeks or even months in hospital. It can also mean weeks of rest at home. Each situation will be different.

What is employee compensation?

To start exploring these important topics, it is extremely important to make sure that we all know the basic terminology. To this end, we’ll start by talking about employee compensation – what is it, what does it do, and how can it help you.

In the past, when an employee was seriously injured to prevent him from working, it meant a disaster. Logically, injuries prevent them from working, which means they can’t get paid. This loss of income combined with medical bills can often lead to the absolute ruin of workers and their families.

 Can I get fired for getting hurt at work?

Illegal unfair termination of employment

Some companies disapprove of compensation for employees through gross discrimination or even unfair termination of employment. Not only is it bad, but it’s illegal.

Many states take an additional step to protect injured employees, allowing civil actions against criminals. This means that the employee can apply for retaliation. When making such a claim, the employee must prove to the judge or the jury that it is more likely that he has been wrongly resolved.

Even if the employer does not make every effort to dismiss the employee, there may be other types of discrimination that are as illegal as degradation. Employees are protected against this kind of abuse when employees claim for damages because of the possibility of bringing an action against the company.


The employer’s refusal to terminate an employment relationship because of a damage report at work or a compensation claim is illegal. The employer rarely makes the mistake of telling the employee that he was dismissed because of a claim for damages, because most employers are aware that this would probably lead to a discrimination claim in employment. However, if your employer terminates your employment contract and you suspect that this is due to a claim for damages, you should try to collect evidence of your suspicion.

Medical improvement

Your employer is obliged to keep you while you are seeking compensation for employees until you recover fully from injury or achieve maximum health improvement. Maximum Health Improvement (MMI) is the term used in most conditions to describe when the condition related to workplace injury is unlikely to improve during further treatment.



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