Operating Identity • CHC is a:

  • Network: 1) Connect churches/organizations with one other and 2) create opportunities for churches in need to build relationships with sponsoring churches for ongoing encouragement and support.
  • Operation: Where strategic needs exist without strategic projects, CHC will formulate and execute initiatives with local implementation partners (e.g. Churches Helping Pastors).
  • Fund: Where a church already has strategic projects planned, CHC will issue grants with no further involvement.

Core Values • CHC operates on the following principles:

  • Don’t go to solve but to serve.” We will fix problems, but the greater, underlying aim is to love on our brothers and sisters, who were already doing the work of Christ in their communities before the disaster hit.  We serve by providing strategic resources, programs, and support for their continued ministry.
  • Serve with long-term vision.” Once out of emergency mode, we don’t make short-term relief decisions at the expense of long-term development.  Our strategies seek to foster progress at the infrastructural level of a community.
  • Serve by listening.” Our plans are born out of conversations and relationships with local pastors and their churches.
  • Serve from behind.” Although the churches and leaders will know CHC, in the eyes of the affected communities, the local churches must be the heroes.  Therefore, local communities also own and execute these initiatives